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    يَا رَاحِلينَ عَنِ الحياةِ.. !! house,s my heart ..

    يَا رَاحِلينَ عَنِ الحياةِ.. !! house,s my heart .. يَا رَاحِلينَ عَنِ الحياةِ وساكنينَ بأضْلعي ! O died; DNA and have left us; house,s my heart... هَلْ تَسْمَعونَ تَوجُعي وتَنهُد الدنيا مَعَي ؟ ! يَا رَاحِلينَ عَنِ الحياةِ وساكنينَ بأضْلعي Do you hear my voice; says the world with me...
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    القلب The heart

    القلب The heart القلب هو عبارة عن عضلة صغيرة بحجم قبضة اليد الكبيرة تعمل مثل مضخة تضخ الدم في الشرايين ومنه إلى أنحاء الجسم الأخرى كما أنها تستقبل الدم العائد من الأوردة، وشكل القلب كحبة الأجاص المقلوبة يتمركز في الصدر مائلاً قليلاً نحو اليسار ويوجد في القلب أربع حجرات اثنتان علويتان وتدعى...
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    Heart Speaks Adorable 12 Commandments

    HOW VERY TRUE TO LIFE THESE ARE.. This is too beautiful not to share!! Don't forget to always be THANKFUL! And Thank Allah/Existence for today!
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    ّّ~~Every Little Smile Can Touch Somebody`s Heart ~~

    Life is Short, so break the rules... Forgive quickly, Believe slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And... Never regret anything that made you smile... Every Little Smile can touch Somebody's heart Have a great day ! With Best Wishes,
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    My heart begins

    MY HEART BEGINS Nothing feels better THAN having you in my live You always put a grin on my face And poetry in my heart You are the shining star I cast my dreams on the cup I pour My hope for tomorrow into When my foot steps are Falling too fast You make me stop and reflect...
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    I Give U My Heart

    I Give You My Heart.. Because you're so special, I've got something really important to give you... You're always there for me You've even held my hand Whenever I had problems You would always understand I'm so glad to have you As such a close friend I'm truly glad to say On you, I can...
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    A Heart For Sharing

    Give your heart to everyone you don't want to lose in '08. Try to collect 12, it's not easy! 'Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.' ====================================================================================================================...