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What to Expect Following the Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal, 脫毛 also referred to as Photofacial is a medical procedure that makes use of an intense and bright beam (excimer laser) to eliminate unwanted hairs from the body. Laser hair removal is when the excimer laser releases an intense light which is absorbed by the melanin pigment (dark pigment found on the skin) in the hair. The light energy is then converted into heat that damages the fur hair follicles (follicle sacs which are responsible for the loss of hair). This procedure can be used on any body part but it is commonly used to treat chest, legs or bikini line.

Many people are curious about what the discomfort or redness was like following laser hair removal. The sensation of discomfort and redness could be compared with having sunburn. This is because the intense laser beam damages the melanin pigment in the hair, which causes it to become redder. Certain people are more sensitive to this treatment , and may be irritated by the skin for days or even weeks after the session. The laser light exposure and the skin’s reaction to light are two of the causes of redness.

Ingrown Hairs Many people inquire what the redness or 激光脫毛 ache felt like after having laser hair removal treatments. While there is a possibility of discomfort during treatment, the ingrown hairs can take some time to heal. The discomfort typically subsides after a few days. The area of treatment may develop a small red bump or 激光脫毛 itchy rash.

dermes\u5168\u6e2f No.1 \u6fc0\u5149\u812b\u6bdb\u5c08\u5bb6Permanent Hair Removal Many patients ask what they can expect to experience after receiving treatments for their unwanted hair like what they’ll need do when they return home. Although it can take some time to get back home after treatment, it is recommended to consult with your dermatologist in order to determine the best method to keep your hair healthy and prevent further damage. Some patients prefer shaving the area they have treated to avoid further itching or blistering. Your dermatologist can help you determine the best approach to manage these situations.

Common Side Effects Many people wonder what the most common adverse side effects are after laser hair removal treatments. It is an extremely effective treatment but it is important to note that certain side effects may be experienced depending on the type of skin and hair color. People with fair skin types may experience lighter side effects than people with darker skin. Side effects may be more severe for those who have darker skin. These symptoms typically begin to appear approximately three months later and may vary in severity.

Insurance coverage Laser hair removal is thought of as an option by a number of insurance companies. It is crucial to compare the cost of having the procedure before making any decision. Different doctors may charge different charges for the same procedure. It is recommended to compare costs with multiple doctors. If you are covered by insurance it is recommended to check your policy to find out whether you’re eligible have this procedure paid for by your insurance.


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